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Fabric Protectors

Over time stain resistant treatments wear off, leaving carpet and upholstery unprotected.

SpillStain resistant carpets and upholstery fibers have been treated with a product to reduce the possibility of permanent staining. As they age these products wear off and lose their effectiveness, leaving carpet and upholstery unprotected. A high quality product needs to be reapplied in order to keep the carpet and upholstery stain resistant. Without it, there is little or no stain protection.

Heaven’s Best Fabric Protector is a simple and quick way to restore that protection. It is applied directly to carpet and upholstery, penetrating each individual fiber and preventing spills and messes from seeping in, giving you time to clean it up before permanent staining occurs. Spills clean up easier, sun fading and molding are reduced, and it can be safely used on all carpet and upholstery fibers.

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